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Project Description

The folding doors have a great acceptance on the market, since they adapt easily to any hollow, turning into an element of safety and design, ideal for homes, business, industries, etc.

They are easy to install, which allows to enjoy a major tranquility without the need of brickworks. Due to their design, we will enjoy a better visibility and accessibility from the outside at any time.


  • Hinges embedded into frame, what makes invisible any welding.
  • Decorative stoppers.
  • Wheel of Nylon with internal bearing.
  • Key of safety points.
  • Lock of double anchorage point of 500mm, 700mm or 1000mm (depending on the height) for a maximum safety.
  • Closed perimetral frame of 50x20x1,5mm.
  • Platens of 20x3mm of thickness.
  • Lower «U”-shaped guide of 50x40x1,5mm.
  • Vertical slat of 23x15mm with several nerves that provide a higher hardness.

Project Details

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